A Golden Cork Tradition

Fried fish in batter is believed to have been made popular in England by Jews arriving from Spain and Portugal during the reign of King Henry VIII. And first teamed with chips in England in the mid-Victorian era.

In Cork, we could claim to have taken this classic combo and perfected it, with fish fresh from our Atlantic shores and potatoes from the lush fields behind.

It’s a heavenly combination. And you simply cannot visit Cork without trying our famous, much-loved Fish n’Chips.

Some of the best can be found in


Cork, Ireland

A funky French gourmet Fish n’Chip shop perched on the pier wall of a fishing village located about as far west as you can go in Europe? If you are...

Fishy Fishy

Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland

On the harbour-front in the food-obsessed town of Kinsale, is famous for what Cork people would call “Posh” Fish n’Chips.

The Fish Basket

Rosscarbery, Ireland

A little food truck serving up local fried fish and chips

The Field Kitchen at the Blackbird Pub

Co.Cork, Ireland

The famous black-painted island lighthouse in the quirky fishing village is hoe to the old fisherman's pub.

Quinlan's Seafood Bar

Cork City, Ireland

A family owned seafood bar serving up fish caught by their own boats off the coasts of Cork

Jackie Lennox's Chip Shop


A ten minute walk from the city centre, Lennox's Chip Shop is a much-loved Cork institution

KC's Chip Shop

Douglas, Cork, Cork

Just outside the city in the suburb of Douglas, the famous KC’s chipper is a local legend