Who Are They?

One of only a handful of authentic traditional timber smoke houses operating worldwide and the only one in Ireland. Frank Hederman is the Godfather of smoked salmon, a true Cork Food Hero.

What are they best known for?

Doing fabulous things with fish at their timber smoke-house at Belvelly, close to the historic port town of Cobh in Cork harbour. As one awed food-critic put it; “Saying Frank Hedermansmokes fish is a bit like saying Mr Steinway makes pianos”. 

How Do They Do It?

Wild & Organic fillets of salmon are first dry-salted, then hung in long rows in the timber smoke-house, over the slow-burning beech-wood chips which give the fish their distinctive flavour. It’s an ancient process, one which came so close to dying out before Frank a few other brave souls in scattered out-posts set out to revive it in the ‘80s'

Have They Been Successful?

Hederman’s smoked salmon is now available in the very best food emporiums and restaurants in Ireland and much further afield (in London, connoisseurs of the art of smoking visit Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly for Frank’s best). In Cork, you can visit the Hederman stall in our famous English Market and you can also order online direct from the smokehouse to pretty much anywhere in the World.

What Is Their Philosophy?

“Our philosophy is simple,” says Frank Hederman. “Our operation is conscientious, continuous and has a resolute distinction between quality and mediocrity. That’s what I always say to the boys here, anyhow!”

What Does The Future Hold?

Frank Hederman says they are now looking to refine their range to concentrate on their core products, and looking at opening new smokehouses in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Can I Meet The Maker?

You can visit the Belvelly Smokehouse by arrangement via their website, - or if you are in Cork City, just drop into the English Market.

Are They On Social Media?

Follow Frank and the team on twitter @FrankHederman

And Finally, What’s Their Pro-Tip When It Comes to Food, Drink or Entertaining?

 Frank says, for perfect smoked salmon bites; “a good quality, thin, crisp Rye cracker. A little bit of butter and the smoked salmon. And nothing else. No black pepper and certainly not a big wedge of lemon”. 

 Frank's recipe for Perfect Poached Eggs & Smoked Salmon - A Brunch Classic

“There’s not much that can go wrong with this ‘recipe’ apart from the poached eggs themselves,” advises Frank.

 If you want to avoid the horrible separation of whites from the yolk, boil the water first, gently drop in very fresh eggs, and then leave off the heat for about 5 minutes or until cooked to your liking.

 The eggs in the pan may need a tiny boost of heat but do not allow the water to become unsettled – keep the flame very low. 

 We really don’t like the addition of vinegar – and the vigorous whisking of water to create a vortex in which you cook your egg doesn’t work for us either!

 Place your cooked egg on a clean teatowel to absorb extra water, and keep warm momentarily in a low oven if you need to cook more eggs, butter toast etc. 

 We recommend pepper from pink peppercorns or our own smoked chillies… as well at the very finely diced smoked salmon, used as a seasoning itself.

 We use a fine baguette or sourdough – always buttered”.

For Frank's recipe for perfect poached eggs and smoked salmon click here.

Frank Hederman

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Cork has seen a blossoming of exceptional talent in smoking and curing fish in recent years. Most are artisan producers like Frank Hederman – who h...