Who Are They? 

Tony is an engineer turned coffee master, who has turned what was a hobby, then a growing passion, into a thriving business, suppling artisan roasted beans to some of Cork’s best independent coffee houses, cafes and restaurants. Based in a renovated Georgian forge and blacksmiths just outside the village of Innishannon, he has been in business for almost two years.

What are they best known for? 

Sourcing much of his green beans directly from a small, family owned plantation in Colombia, roasting them to perfection and delivering small-batch consignments to the eager baristas of Cork.

How Do They Do It? 

As Tony says himself; “I first came across a real coffee culture when I went to Australia in 2004. I came home, used my engineering experience to build my first roaster, and what started out as a hobby, roasting coffee for myself, friends and family, quickly became a passion. I’m lucky to be doing what I love and I’ve found a lot of people in Cork who are part of an amazing coffee culture”.

Have They Been Successful? 

One of Tony’s roasts was the only Irish one selected for the 2017 London Coffee Festival. His reputation is quickly spreading beyond the small West Cork village of Innishannon and the independent cafes of Cork City.

What Is Their Philosophy? 

As Tony says; “I want to consolidate the reputation of West Cork Coffee, for providing innovative, quality coffee. At the moment, I’m just a one man band, but I hope to bring more people in shortly and build a great team”.

What Does The Future Hold? 

”I’m a big fan of the food scene in West Cork, it’s incredibly vibrant, lots of people with their own ideas, concentrating on locally-sourced ingredients and knowledge. I want to work with as many new people, baristas, cafes, as possible”.

Can I Meet The Maker? 

You can connect with (and order) via the West Cork Coffee website – and follow Mark’s progress and thoughts about beans via his regular blogs and updates.

Are They On Social Media? 

Yes, Tony is very active on social media, especially on Instagram and on Twitter @westcorkcoffee

Where Can I Sample Tony’s Work?

Try Soma Coffee Company right in the centre of Cork City – Tony supplies the beans for their house brews.

And Finally, What’s Their Pro-Tip When It Comes to Food, Drink or Entertaining? 

“If you are brewing at home, even if it is only a basic French Press – aim for consistency. Use a scales and a timer, get your basic brew right and then you can have fun tweaking it”.

West Cork Coffee

Cork, Ireland

A micro-coffee roaster based in West Cork.