Ballinwillin House Farm

The organic Ballinwillin House Farm in Mitchelstown, Cork, produces highest quality Farmed Venison, Wild Boar Meat and Goat Meat.

Ballinwillin House Farm is situated in the heart of the Golden Vale in North Cork, Ireland. We are a family business owned and run by Pat and Miriam Mulcahy. The farm has a magnificent heard of organic fed deer for over 20 years. Our venison products have won awards all over the world and we are internationally recognised for our quality and taste. We are also one of the few producers of tame Wild Boar in Ireland. Our Wild Boar are free range and root the ground to find roots to feed on. We then supplement their diet with organic oats. The result is meat with great flavour. This breed of boar produces the finest pork products which we deliver throughout Ireland and the UK.

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