Durrus Cheese

When Jeffa Gill began making cheese on her farm in 1979, it was part of her pioneering spirit and drive to provide for her family from her own small-holding in West Cork. Jeffa also wanted to capture something of the goodness of this ancient farming land in her unique, hand-crafted cheeses. Today, almost four decades later, Durrus cheeses are still made by hand, using traditional techniques on their own farm.

One of the pioneers what became a great revival of farm cheese-making in Ireland, Durrus Farmhouse Cheese is a semi-soft, rind washed cow's milk cheese.

Still made today by Jeffa Gill and her team, Durrus Farmhouse Cheese has won medals and awards throughout the world, and is available wherever quality cheese is sold. This deep-flavoured, natural rind-washed cheese is made from top quality milk from two local farms.

They still use time-proved traditional methods, in the beautiful upland valley of Coomkeen on the beautiful Sheep's Head peninsula.

And they have recently added to their range with Durrus Og, Durrus Smoked and Dunmanus cheeses.

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