Frank Hederman

Cork has seen a blossoming of exceptional talent in smoking and curing fish in recent years. Most are artisan producers like Frank Hederman – who has revived the best traditions of the ancient art of smoking and preserving fish. Hederman’s have a stall in the English Market, you can also visit their Smokehouse close to the city or order online.

The famous Hederman Smokehouse near Cobh on the shores of Cork Harbour welcomes visitors to see how they smoke fish from the sea. It’s in a very scenic and historic part of our vast natural harbour and close to the heritage port of Cobh, famous as the last port of call for the ill-fated Titanic. 

Established in 1982, Belvelly Smoke House is the only traditional timber smoke house in Ireland, where fish are still hung on huge wooden racks for smoking over a special blend of wood chips.

Frank Hederman, Cork born and bred, has been smoking premium Irish salmon for more than three decades. It’s his passion and his life’s work. 

Frank has won numerous accolades and an international reputation amongst those who appreciate the highest quality, craft and consistency.

He is, in short, a true Cork Food Hero.

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The New York Times compared Mr Hederman to Steinway in his craftsmanship Mr. Hederman smokes fish, which is a little like saying Steinway makes pianos.

The Financial Times said Mr Hederman redefined smoked salmon.

Italy's La Repubblica described him as "il disegno del fumo", the designer of smoke.

A German magazine headlined him "Der Rauchergenius", the smoking genius.

Rick Stein, Rowley Leigh, Simon Hopkinson, Richard Corrigan, Jill Norman, Tamasin Day- Lewis, Tom Parker Bowles, Andrew Zimmern, Colman Andrews, Bobby Flay, Myrtle Allen, Trish Deseine, Claire Nash and countless other chefs, writers and tourists have made the pilgrimage to Belvelly in Cork to see the smoke house and savour Frank's delicious food.

Others, like Pierre Koffman and Bruno Loubet have admired him from afar, inviting him to their restaurants and cooking with his food. Hederman's smoked fish is stocked by Fortnum & Mason, sold at Harrod's Seafood bar, and is on the menu at Rick Stein's Seafood restaurant. It is sold in food halls as diverse as Globus Switzerland, Wrights of Borough Market, and our own English Market in the heart of Cork.

All year round and especially at Christmas, it travels the globe, and is the food of celebration, family gatherings and good taste. You cannot get better smoked fish anywhere in the world.