Kinsale Gin

Kinsale Gin is a premium Irish gin. Local botanicals distilled by masters and bottled for your enjoyment.

Local botanicals are gathered seasonally and sensitively, leaving enough behind for the birds and future crops. The flavour of Kinsale Gin is truly of the Kinsale countryside and the development process went through many iterations before the final harmonious aroma and taste were established.

Kinsale Gin has elegant amounts of juniper with notes of meadowsweet, elderfower and elderberry combining with aromas of lemon verbena and lemon germanium. Other interesting and unusual botanicals underscore Kinsale Gin's complex personality.

Kinsale Gin is currently distilled by the team under the watchful eye of master distillers while the search continues for a perfect home in Kinsale. This is a labour of love so compromise is not on the cards!