Little Island
Prepared Foods

Kinsale Bay Food Company is passionate and committed to producing our innovative �Fresh from Kinsale� range to the highest standard, with freshest locally sourced ingredients in our gluten-free facility in Cork.

Co Cork, Ireland

Award winning artisan bakery

Cork, Ireland

Good Day Deli is a Sustainable Foods Deli serving a mix of healthy, local, seasonal, organic and fair trade foods with a commitment to sustainability throughout our food chain.


We brew big beers in small batches. We craft them with love, innovation, and rock n roll.

Whitechurch, Cork, Ireland

Food & Drink Tour (craft beer and local whiskeys & food)

Cork, Ireland

Craft Lane (04.30 - 22.00) Craft Lane is a destination for modern Irish and particularly Cork based culture, food, drink and hospitality.

Cork, Ireland

A cosy, vibrant bar and eatery snuggled in the heart of Cork City.

Midleton, Ireland

Irish Green are the producer of unique food and drink multipurpose natural liquid spices called "Crushes". Flavours include Basil, Ginger, Lemon and soon Turmeric, with plenty of benefits for everybody.


We are 'Going against the Grain' by using small batch artisanal methods and we rejoice in the unique aroma and taste of our Potator Spirits.


Haven Shellfish is a Farm to Fork business. After spending 3 years growing our oysters in mesh bags on trestles on the shoreline of Oysterhaven we harvest, depurate, pack and distribute them to our loyal customers.