Loving Salads Summer BBQ Belters - Two To Make At Home

Summer means salads, for your BBQ, for having friends round for some al fresco dining or for taking to the beach for a healthy, home-made lunch.

 And the good people at Cork’s popular Loving Salads (you will find them on Academy Street and Washington Street as well as our farmers’ markets) have shared two of their own favourites, perfect for the hot weather and long sunny days. These two fresh and zingy salads have all the flavours of the summer.


Jason Carroll of Loving Salads says they are two he loves to make for friends and customers. And you should be able to whip them up in minutes.

Loving Salads Vegan German Potato Salad


Jason says; “So this is a vegan German style potato salad that we make from an almond Mayonaise with mustard, lemon juice, tarragon & rapeseed oil. Finished with pickles, baby capers, spring onions, chives & lemon. This is a great seller and our own twist on a simple potato salad”.

 What You Will Need;

5kg x new season potatoes
1 x small jar of small pickles (Gherkins)
10 x pieces of Cornichons (baby pickles)
2 x table spoon of baby capers
1 x table spoon Pommery mustard (whole grain)
1 x small bunch tarragon
1 x small bunch chives
1 x small bunch flat leaf parsley
1 x small bunch spring onions

For the Almond milk mayonnaise 

 350ml almond milk
1 x tablespoon dijon mustard
150ml x white wine vinegar
1.5ml x light olive oil
Black pepper mill 
Sea salt to taste

In a blender add in mustard, vinegar, pepper, almond milk & blend, add in your oil gently while the blender is on. Slowly it will start to emulsify to a mayonnaise. Chill when made. 

Putting It Together

 Wash and leave the skins on- boil the potatoes gently till cooked and chill to cold

 Make your mayonnaise. 

 Wash & dry herbs, bunch together & chop herbs only once & leave to one side

 Dice & slice pickles to your liking

Dice or smash potatoes up, add in pickles (we also add in some pickle liquid as well for a little extra kick)

Add herbs, mustard, some black pepper, spring onions & mayonnaise & using your hands (with food gloves) gently fold all ingredients together.

Taste before you add in and sea salt as there is a lot of sharp & zany flavours happening 

Bowl up and garnish with more pickles, herbs & spring onions


Pineapple & mango with fresh coconut, chilli & mint 



 “Another salad that you won’t find anywhere else is our fresh pineapple salad with freshly grated coconut, mango, season cherry tomatoes, chilli & mint,” says Jason.

“This is a perfect BBQ salad for this time of the year. Great with meats, fish or just by its self. Some of our customers even have it for breakfast! This salad was inspired by working in Fiji”. 

Ingredients (go extra if you have a lot of mouths to feed);

Peel & dice pineapples into small pieces (keep the cores of the pineapples)
Peel & dice your mangoes (keep the centres)
Grate a coconut (we use a hand grater I got from Sri Lanka) 
Deseed and dice 4 chillies into small pieces
Julienne or thinly slice two bunches of mint
1kg x Baby Cherry tomatoes sliced in half

How we put it together

This is a very simple and great salad to make, perfect for this time of the year.

There is no one rule for this salad.

Dice 3, 4 or 5 pineapples & 2 to 3 mangoes 

With the coconuts & using the back of a heavy chopping knife hit round the coconut till it’s cracked in half (keep the water)

Break it again into smaller pieces & grate it using a hand grater

In a mixing bowl, add in your fruits, grated coconut, chilli, mint & tomatoes 

Carefully mix together

Place into a nice large serving bowl & garnish with more coconut, chilli, mint & tomatoes 

Both of these salads are very popular with our customers at our shops & farmers markets. They are both full of flavour, perfect for this time of the year & not too difficult to make. You can always add your twist on these salads and make it to your liking.


We hope you enjoy these salads!